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Good news | Datacraft has been successfully identified as the 2023 Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center

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A few days ago, the Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau announced the 2023 Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center Certification List.After the recommendation of the district-level competent department, expert review, deliberation at the director's office meeting, and public announcement'Constructed by Difei Medical Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.Nanjing Infection Metagenome Engineering Technology Research Center'Congratulations on being recognized!

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Nanjing Engineering Technology Research CenterIt is one of the main contents of Nanjing's science and technology infrastructure construction and an important part of building a regional science and technology innovation system.By relying on the powerful R&D institutions in the enterprise, we will carry out technical engineering research, intermediate tests and complete technical services, cultivate a high-level engineering technology R&D team, improve the company's technological innovation, achievement transformation and industry service capabilities, and enhance Nanjing's industrial technological innovation capabilities and market competitiveness.

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Founded in 2018, Difei Medical has a R&D and commercial operation team composed of hundreds of people from top universities at home and abroad, multidisciplinary.Difei Medical focuses on the field of molecular diagnosis of infectious etiology, has an innovative automated testing process, insists on promoting the development of multi-technology platforms, enriches the product line that is more suitable for clinical needs, continuously improves the quality of testing, and serves the majority of patients.Products include tNGS-Mycobacterium tuberculosis and drug resistance gene detection TBr.16, PCR-Dixunkang series, tNGS-Diminkang series, mNGS-Digankang series, etc.

Difei Medical focuses on R&D and innovation, and is committed to building infectious microorganism detection technology based on metagenomic sequencing technology, which is in line with the current development needs of the world's health industry.

The establishment of the 'Nanjing Infection Metagenome Engineering Technology Research Center' project will focus on the research and development and industrialization of metagenomic sequencing respiratory infection microbial detection technology to meet the needs of the development of the precision medical industry.The project will continue to enhance its leading and leading role in the development of the industry, steadily narrow the gap between domestic and foreign countries, comprehensively improve the technical content and core competitiveness of my country's medical industry, and contribute to China's health industry in the coming microbiome era.

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