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迪灵康™—Probe Capture Targeted Testing Products
cNGS Precise Capture, Redefining Standards with 10 Copies
     迪灵康™employs the cNGS technology platform and hybridization capture-targeted NGS sequencing approach using biotin-labeled probes complementary to target sequences. It comprehensively covers 99% of known human pathogens and 100% of clinically pathogens. Innovatively designed custom probes termed InfiProbe enrich over 3500 core pathogens with a sensitivity reaching 10-50 Copies/mL. cNGS 迪灵康™ provides cost-effective testing (as low as ¥0.2 per pathogen detection) especially for the elderly, weak, pregnant, and pediatric groups with acute/chronic infections, supporting a wide array of clinical fluids and tissue samples.

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