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2023 China Medical Equipment Conference | Difei Medical Satellite Conference ended successfully

Views: 0     Author: Datafei Medical     Publish Time: 2023-06-06      Origin: 迪飞医学

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From April 26 to 28, 2023, the China Medical Equipment Conference and Medical Equipment Exhibition was successfully held at the Chongqing International Expo Center.At the same time, the 2023 National Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Technology and Its Standardized Application Summit Forum of the Genetic Testing Branch of the China Medical Equipment Association was also held in Chongqing International Expo Center.The theme of the forum is 'Quality Integration and Diversified Development',Focusing on the innovation and application of in vitro diagnostic products (IVDs) for clinical molecular diagnostics, laboratory-built tests (LDTs), laboratory quality management, the improvement of grassroots molecular testing capabilities in the post-epidemic era, high-throughput sequencing of pathogens, and molecular diagnostics in infectious disease monitoring, Topics such as multiple applications in the fields of tumors and genetic diseases will be discussed.

Dr. Shao Yang, the founder, chairman and CEO of Shihe Genomics, was invited to participate in this forum, and delivered a keynote speech 'MRD Technology Innovation and Application Case share'.

Shao Bo

The fifth sub-venue of the National Summit Forum on Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Technology and Its Standardized Application—Difei Medical Satellite Conference 'Application and Challenges of Pathogen Metagenome Detection' was successfully held.Mr. Zhao Minchao, co-founder and chief operating officer of Shihe Gene, was invited to participate in this forum and delivered a speech as the chairman of the fifth session.


Dr. Jia Liu, Director of the Medical Department of Data Physics, was invited to give a speech on 'Pathogen NGS Detection Scheme'.

good sister

Dr. Liu Jia started from the factors that affect the detection results of pathogenic metagenomics, from sample pre-processing to bioinformatics analysis, to quality control, and deeply analyzed the possible technical problems in the detection process of the whole process.The particularity of mNGS products is that the detection subject is microorganisms.How to prevent and control the ubiquitous microbial contamination is a huge challenge for every NGS laboratory.Dr. Liu Jia emphasized that it is necessary to start from external pollution sources and internal pollution sources, and firmly control environmental pollutants and extraction kit pollutants.On this basis, Difei Medical has formed a solid quality control system, focusing on measures such as background bacteria verification, batch negative control, and building a dynamic background bacteria database. It has multiple quality system certifications and traceability throughout the process.

In recent years, mNGS has gradually emerged in many departments (critical care, laboratory, respiratory, neurological, infection, pediatrics, tuberculosis, etc.).Difei Medical has always been close to the clinic, providing diversified products and services, constantly optimizing the testing process, improving the sensitivity, specificity and timeliness of products, and giving back to the clinics with better product quality and services.

Difei Medical Satellite will specially invite Professor Lu Binghuai from the National Center for Respiratory Medicine of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital to give a special speech 'Basic Ability of Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Detection under the Background of mNGS'.

Lu Binghuai

There are many challenges in the clinical diagnosis of lower respiratory tract infection, especially the etiological diagnosis.Professor Lu Binghuai believes that the clinical diagnosis of lower respiratory tract infection needs to be comprehensively judged in combination with laboratory etiology testing, imaging, pathology, clinical symptoms and other indicators.The application of mNGS provides an important means for the diagnosis of lower respiratory tract infection, but it also brings a series of problems that need to be solved: Are the test results reliable?Is the result a pathogen?How should it be handled clinically?

Professor Lu emphasized that it is not advisable to attach importance to mNGS and ignore routine microbial testing. In clinical practice, the results of mNGS testing should be combined with routine pathogenic testing.Specific patients should be sent for routine microbial testing at the same time as mNGS. Multiple methods are combined, and the results are mutually confirmed, thereby assisting in the correct clinical diagnosis.


Difei Medical has always focused on the field of molecular diagnosis of infectious etiology, and its products and services meet various clinical detection needs and application scenarios.Products include real-time metagenomic sequencing-Digankang series, fluorescent quantitative PCR-Digankang series, targeted sequencing-Diminkang-series, and tNGS-based detection products for Mycobacterium tuberculosis and drug resistance genes TBr.16, etc.So far, Difei Medicine has established cooperation with more than 1,500 clinical experts from more than 300 core hospitals.Difei Medical is willing to follow the theme of 'Quality Integration and Diversified Development', continue to actively innovate the automated inspection process, promote the development of multi-technology platforms, enrich the product line that is more suitable for clinical needs, continuously improve the quality of inspection, and serve the majority of patients.

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