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Explore the intelligentization of accurate early diagnosis and severe early warning, and jointly build a multidisciplinary cooperative diagnosis and treatment system for severe pneumonia

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June 20, 2023Leading by Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University and co-participating in 'Acute Respiratory Tract Infectious Diseases Precise Early Diagnosis and Severe Early Warning Intelligent Research ' and 'Construction of a Multidisciplinary Cooperative Diagnosis and Treatment System for Severe Pneumonia' two major multi-center clinical projects The mid-term communication meeting of the research project was successfully held in Shanghai.

The mid-term communication meeting of this project was chaired by Professor Song Yuanlin from Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Professor Shen Yao from Pudong Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Professor Wu Xueling and Professor Fan Bijun from Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Professor She Jun and Chen Cuicui from Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University Professor, Professor Chen Shujing, Professor Zhou Jian, Professor Shao Yiru and Professor Liu Fuli of Jinshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Professor Zhou Fangqing and Professor Meng Xiaoxiao of Shanghai First People's Hospital, Professor Shi Tianyun of Shanghai Fifth People's Hospital and other 9 units, more than 20 experts Participate in this meeting.

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Professor Song Yuanlin from Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University made an opening speech as the project initiator and leader, summarizing the research results of the previous stage and looking forward to the further project work plan.Professor Song Yuanlin emphasized that we should continue to improve the clinical data entry around the enrolled cases of the project, and screen the early warning markers for the prognosis of severe pneumonia through the rich accumulation of the previous sample database and the analysis of multi-omics, and finally promote the transformation of industry-university-research.

Dr. Liu Jia, director of the medical department of DIPH, made a corporate speech, summarizing the work of the DIPH project team and looking forward to the transformation of project results.Shen Meili, manager of DIPH, reported on the progress of the enrollment of the multi-center project for severe pneumonia in the previous stage, summarizing the progress of case enrollment, the completion of preserved samples and the results of mNGS testing at each center, emphasizing the details that need to be paid attention to when enrolling question.The accuracy of the research and the authority of the data are inseparable from the standardized operation when the samples are submitted for inspection.Zhang Chen, the manager of DIPH, reviewed the sample collection and storage progress and problems in the process, and re-emphasized the project plan and sample collection and storage SOP.

Prof. Shen Yao from Pudong Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University and Prof. Wu Xueling from Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine respectively reviewed and summarized the progress and achievements of their respective sub-center sub-projects, and shared the problems and solutions encountered during project implementation.All the experts on site actively participated in the discussion, reviewed and summarized the work done by their respective centers, focused on sorting out the problems that emerged, drew up a landing plan, and clarified the follow-up plan of the project.Experts at the meeting held a positive attitude towards the value of mNGS in assisting clinical early diagnosis and targeted treatment.

In the summary of the conference, Professor Song Yuanlin emphasized the focus on collecting clinical data around the second half of the project plan, encouraging the transformation of the results of each center, and finally realizing the sharing of samples, data and results.Professor Song approved the responsibility of DPMD in the project process, and put forward new high requirements for follow-up scientific research cooperation and achievement transformation, hoping to further explore the sensitivity of clinical diagnosis through project cooperation.Difei Medical will also continue to escort the second half of the project, providing professional support in project case collection, clinical sample testing, experimental process management, data analysis, etc., and will invest more energy in improving technological research and development innovation and achievement transformation .

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The convening of the mid-term communication meeting of this project affirmed the supporting work done by the participating units in the early stage, and further clarified the writing direction of the research results that each unit is responsible for.The heads of each project participating unit conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as clinical data entry, improvement of clinical information, sample collection and management standards, and put forward constructive suggestions.The promotion of this project will continue to promote the multidisciplinary clinical diagnosis and treatment and basic scientific research of acute respiratory infectious diseases and severe pneumonia, and improve the quality and efficiency of clinical transformation.

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