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Difei Medical was invited to participate in the IND's third forum on the application of advanced molecular diagnostic technology for infectious diseases

Views: 0     Author: Diffei Medical     Publish Time: 2023-08-21      Origin: 迪飞医学

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From February 24th to 25th, the IND2023 Third Infectious Diseases Advanced Molecular Diagnostic Technology Application Forum was held in Shanghai.More than a thousand experts and elite representatives from the in vitro molecular diagnostics industry from major hospitals, testing centers and companies gathered in Shanghai to discuss many hot issues in the field of infectious diseases.

This conference mainly focuses on innovative diagnostic technologies for infectious diseases, and discusses the three major themes of clinical needs, pathogen detection technology and clinical application of molecular diagnostic technology, and provides an in-depth analysis of industry development.

meeting venue

IND2023 Zhang Chen was invited to participate

Zhang Chen, senior medical manager of the Medical Department of Diffei Medical, was invited to give a keynote speech on 'Applications and Challenges of mNGS Technology'.

Manager Zhang Chen started with the development of microorganisms and their detection methods, and introduced the various clinical application values ​​and diagnostic advantages of mNGS technology.In recent years, a number of mNGS expert consensus and application guidelines have been released at home and abroad, further clarifying the clinical application standards of mNGS and putting forward requirements for product standardization.

At this stage, mNGS technology still faces challenges from many aspects such as technology, clinical and regulatory aspects.Regarding issues such as patient benefit, selection of suitable samples, host background, and criteria for determining colonization and infection, Manager Zhang showed the research data and results of Difei Medical in recent years and had a lively discussion with everyone.

Difei Medical adheres to the concept of 'Without precise testing, there is no precision medicine' and is committed to the research and development and services of clinical high-throughput sequencing technology for pathogenic microorganisms. It will continue to optimize and empower precise clinical diagnosis and treatment.

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