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[Good news] Difei Medical was selected into the list of specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangsu Province

Views: 0     Author: Diffei Medical     Publish Time: 2024-05-11      Origin: 迪飞医学

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On May 6, the list of Jiangsu Province’s 2024 specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises (first batch) was announced.After rigorous selection and review,Difei Medical Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.With its focus, breakthrough and innovation in the field of pathogen detection, it successfully obtained the 'Specialized, Specialized and New' small and medium-sized enterprise certification.

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'Specialization, specialization and innovation' refers to specialization, refinement, distinctiveness and novelty. Small and medium-sized enterprises are an important force in promoting innovation, promoting employment and improving people's livelihood. Specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises are the vanguard of the small and medium-sized enterprise group and a new force in replenishing and strengthening the chain. Since its establishment, DiFei Medical has been committed to the research, development and innovation of pathogen detection technology, and has continued to carry out technological innovation and service optimization. This selection as a 'specialized, special and innovative' small and medium-sized enterprise not only demonstrates DiFei Medical's expertise in the field of pathogens. Our professional strength and innovative spirit affirm our company's future development prospects.

DiFei Medical has currently constructed mNGS, tNGS, cNGS multi-pathogen detection platform , through a full product matrix, to assist clinical diagnosis and effectively serve patients.We continue to explore and are committed to becoming an innovator in the field of mNGS pathogen detection and empowering high-quality clinical development.

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