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DiFei Medical's proposed tuberculosis diagnostic product is recommended by international organizations

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Recently, the international organization Treatment Action Group (TAG) released the '2023 Tuberculosis Diagnostic Pipeline Report', and Difei Medical's planned tuberculosis diagnostic product 'RAPID TB' was selected as a decentralized testing solution.RAPID TB uses tongue swabs or sputum samples to rapidly diagnose tuberculosis and rifampicin and isoniazid resistance, providing active help for the rapid diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis patients.

pipeline report

'RAPID TB' is a nucleic acid detection product for Mycobacterium tuberculosis that does not rely on laboratories and professional instruments. It uses a method that combines nucleic acid constant temperature amplification and immunochromatography. It can work with power from a mobile phone or power bank. .The product is compact and easy to carry. It can be used in primary hospitals, small clinics, pharmacies, communities, and even for self-testing at home. It only takes 30 minutes to judge the test results with the naked eye.

Difei Medical's tuberculosis testing products are recommended by international organizations Form-01

Founded in 1992, TAG is an international organization focused on promoting the diagnosis and treatment of HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis C around the world. Its annual report is an important reference for relevant reports issued by the WHO.

'RAPID TB' has been recognized by the international organization TAG, which shows that Difei Medical has excellent performance in product miniaturization, convenience and rapidity.

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