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2023EBC | Diffei Medical & MGI, empowering the 'new' era of pathogen detection

Views: 0     Author: Diffei Medical     Publish Time: 2023-08-21      Origin: 迪飞医学

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Precision medicine, testing first.

On March 18, at the 2023EBC Eighth Yimao Bio Industry Conference, MGI held the 'DNBSEQ-G99 Signing Ceremony'.DiFei Medical and MGI have officially reached a cooperation to jointly develop G99-based application expansion to facilitate accurate detection of infectious pathogens and empower high-quality clinical development!

MGI Manufacturing Signing Ceremony

Guo Zongliang, Purchasing Director of DiFei Medical and Ma Tao, Assistant President of Marketing System of MGI Headquarters

At the signing ceremony, Diffei Medical Purchasing Director Guo Zongliang and Ma Tao, Assistant President of Marketing System of MGI Headquarters, signed a cooperation agreement to jointly promote the application of DNBSEQ-G99 in the field of detection of infectious pathogenic microorganisms, create an ecosystem for the life sciences industry, and promote the life sciences industry. develop.

Difei Medical is committed to the research and development and testing services of clinical high-throughput sequencing technology for pathogenic microorganisms. On the basis of giving full play to the advantages of mNGS technology, it always focuses on improving sequencing performance and efficiency.Mr. Guo Zongliang, Purchasing Director of Diffei Medical, said, 'The rapid development of MGI has injected new vitality into the entire high-throughput sequencing field. The use of G99 has greatly shortened our sequencing time, while improving the efficiency of pathogen detection and stability.'

Difei Medical has always adhered to the concept of 'Without accurate testing, how can there be precision medicine?'We continue to explore and are committed to becoming an innovator in the field of mNGS pathogen detection and empowering high-quality clinical development!

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