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Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Canal Respiratory Forum | Focus on the clinical application and practical experience of NGS of Difei pathogen

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Main KV

From July 28 to July 30, 2023, the 'Third Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Canal Breathing Forum' was successfully held.

Focusing on hot issues in the field of chest diseases and respiratory critical illnesses, this forum brought together domestic experts and scholars in research fields such as respiratory, infection, and critical care medicine, as well as scientific researchers and medical and health managers from all over the world. New knowledge, new ideas and new technologies in the field of critical care, promote academic exchanges and cooperation, and actively promote academic development.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Respiratory Forum - on-site

Professor Liu Yi from Civil Aviation General Hospital of Peking University was invited to participate in this conference, and delivered a special speech 'Development and Practical Experience of NGS Detection of Pathogens' at Datafei Medical Satellite Conference.

In recent years, infectious diseases have been receiving much clinical attention.As a supplement to conventional pathogenic microorganism detection methods, mNGS technology has become an efficient 'decryptor' for clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Respiratory Forum-Liu Yi

Professor Liu Yi delivered a keynote speech

Professor Liu Yi said that with the development and wide application of NGS technology, relevant expert consensus has been emerging, and the field of concern in the industry has gradually expanded from severe disease, infection and testing to many fields such as neurology, respiratory, pediatrics and tuberculosis.Based on this, Difei Medical has in-depth cooperation with a number of professional medical teams, combining the test results with clinical practice, insisting on exploring the application of NGS technology in pathogen diagnosis, flora analysis, host response and tumor prediction, etc., to assist clinical diagnosis and treatment At the same time, significant research results have been obtained.

The particularity of NGS products is that the detection subject is microorganisms.Preventing and controlling the ubiquitous microbial contamination is a huge challenge for every NGS laboratory.From sample pre-processing to bioinformatics analysis to quality control, problems in any link will affect the accuracy of test results and thus affect clinical decision-making.Professor Liu Yi emphasized that quality control is the key link to ensure the accuracy of NGS results.After repeated practice, Difei Medical firmly controls internal and external pollution sources, and formulates corresponding program documents, SOPs, record forms, etc. for 'people, machines, materials, methods, and environment' and all links before, during, and after analysis. A solid quality control system has been formed, which can be tested and traced throughout the process.

Quality control system

Professor Liu Yi affirmed Difei Medicine's multi-pipeline layout product service for different types of infectious diseases.Targeted sequencing technology (tNGS) is increasingly emerging clinically due to its advantages of high efficiency in enriching pathogenic sequences, high sensitivity and specificity, and low detection cost.Based on tNGS technology, Difei Medical has launched a cost-effective product service for the identification of common pathogens and mycobacteria in respiratory tract infections.This not only helps to diagnose respiratory infectious diseases and mycobacterial diseases, but also detects drug resistance genes, so as to more accurately guide clinicians to use drugs.

Screenshot 2023-07-26 144848

Professor Liu Yi put forward his ardent expectations for the application of NGS detection: Through the continuous accumulation of clinical application experience of mNGS and tNGS technology, our future goal is to standardize the NGS detection process, standardize the data interpretation bio-information database, and improve the accuracy of detection and reporting .This can not only provide more professional guidance for the diagnosis of related diseases, but also strongly promote the development of NGS detection.

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