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Difei Medicine passed the mNGS external quality assessment of the Clinical Inspection Center of the National Health and Medical Commission with high scores

Views: 0     Author: Datafei Medical     Publish Time: 2022-12-14      Origin: 迪飞医学

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Recently, the Clinical Laboratory Center of the National Health and Medical Commission announced the results of the inter-laboratory quality evaluation of metagenomic sequencing of lower respiratory tract infections nationwide. A total of 90 enterprises and hospitals across the country participated in the evaluation, and the qualified rate of participation was 44.4%.Difei Medical successfully passed the external quality assessment with high scores.

The National External Quality Assessment (EQA) organized by the Clinical Inspection Center of the National Health and Medical Commission is an important part of the internationally recognized total quality management of clinical laboratories, and it is also one of the most authoritative clinical laboratory performance assessment contents in China.External quality assessment, also known as proficiency testing, is an important part of clinical laboratory quality management and one of the important evidences of 'mutual recognition' of results between clinical laboratories.It can be used to assess the laboratory's ability to carry out specific tests and the maintenance of the test laboratory's test capabilities; identify laboratory quality problems, promote the initiation of improvement measures, and improve the test level; judge the effectiveness and comparability of different test methods; The difference between them can enhance the trust of doctors and patients in the test results.

Lower Respiratory Infections (LRIs) are one of the deadly infectious diseases, and hundreds of pathogens (including bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) can cause lung infections.Due to the limitation of traditional detection methods, timely and accurate etiological diagnosis cannot be obtained for many infection cases.In recent years, the metagenomics (mNGS) detection method based on high-throughput sequencing technology has gradually moved from scientific research to clinical application. /RNA) for sequencing, and the obtained sequence was compared to the microbial database to determine the pathogens present in the sample, which has provided very important etiological evidence for the diagnosis of various suspected infection cases in the clinic.

Although mNGS testing has promising prospects, there is still a lack of standardized testing procedures (from sample processing, nucleic acid extraction, library construction, sequencing, bioinformatics analysis to result reporting), and there may be large differences in test results between different laboratories.In order to understand the current situation and quality of laboratory testing in China, the Clinical Laboratory Center of the National Health and Health Commission launched a pre-research activity on the inter-laboratory quality assessment of metagenomic sequencing of lower respiratory tract infections, requiring laboratories to use daily reagents and procedures for testing and report back. result.

Relying on its own excellent detection technology and professional interpretation, DPMD passed the external quality evaluation of metagenomic sequencing of lower respiratory tract infection with a high score. reflect.

Difei Medical adopts the self-developed HUGO™ dehumanized host nucleic acid technology, which can increase the proportion of microbial genome sequences in the total sample DNA sequence by 10-100 times, realize the enrichment of pathogenic microbial DNA, greatly improve detection sensitivity, and optimize nucleic acid extraction at the same time technology to further improve the sensitivity and accuracy of pathogenic microorganism detection results.

Difei Medical has successfully screened out more than 20,000 pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycobacteria, mycoplasma chlamydia and parasites, and can issue a report 24-48 hours after receiving the samples.In addition, Difei Medicine has integrated multiple drug resistance gene databases to comprehensively analyze the drug resistance genes of patient samples to fully improve the accuracy of detection and provide clinicians with more accurate medication guidance.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. While passing the mNGS external quality assessment of the National Health and Medical Commission Clinical Inspection Center with high scores, Difei Medical will demand itself with higher standards, strictly control the quality of inspection, and help the development of precision medicine for infections. Escort public health with advanced technology and professional services.

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