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Talking about Development | Data Physics mNGS Quality Control System Appears in the First National Training Seminar on Clinical Standardized Application of High-throughput Sequencing of Pathogens

Views: 0     Author: Datafei Medical     Publish Time: 2023-06-06      Origin: 迪飞医学

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meeting venue

meeting venue

From May 17th to 20th, 2023, the 'First National Training Seminar on Clinical Standardized Application of High-throughput Sequencing of Pathogens' sponsored by the Genetic Testing Branch of China Medical Equipment Association and co-organized by the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University was successfully held in Changsha .This training mainly focuses on how to build a standardized NGS laboratory for clinical pathogens, the performance confirmation and quality control of the sequencing platform, and the standardized interpretation of NGS test reports.

Dr. Sisi Liu was invited to give a speech on 'Procedure Establishment and Quality Control of Digankang mNGS Technology for Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Detection'.

Conference site 2

Dr. Liu Sisi delivered a keynote speech

Dr. Liu Sisi took the application of mNGS technology in the detection of lower respiratory tract infection as an example, and introduced the comprehensive and three-dimensional quality control system of Data Fei Medical Laboratory in detail from the four aspects of detection process, experimental system, key quality control and monitoring points, and detailed the detection process. Divided into six major steps: sample collection, nucleic acid extraction, library construction, computer sequencing, bioinformatics analysis and result reporting, aiming at these six major steps in combination with 'human, machine, material, method, and environment' multi-dimensional quality control management.On this basis, Data Physics gave nine suggestions on the mNGS detection of lower respiratory tract samples. Very useful reference.


In recent years, the advantages of mNGS in the diagnosis of infectious diseases have been clinically recognized and widely used, especially in the departments of critical care, respiratory, infection, and tuberculosis.In the future, Difei Medicine will always focus on infectious diseases, rely on the mNGS technology platform, keep close to the clinic, continue to promote the iterative upgrade of testing items, continuously optimize the testing process, improve the sensitivity, specificity and timeliness of products, and provide more high-quality products The quality and service meet clinical needs and precisely protect life and health.

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